Gibson J-160E

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Vintage Gibson J-160E from 1962, the same year as Lennon's.

I met her on December 8, 1995 - does that date ring a bell?  I went to a local guitar shop after rehearsing for the John Lennon Tribute Concert that my band was to participate in, and there she was!  I could hear the voice in my head tell me that I should buy it by all means.  But, you know...  the price was a little too high and I left the shop without looking back.

A month later I was on my way to the shop again, thinking to myself if the guitar was still there, then it must have been a destiny.  I opened the door and looked inside.  Oh, no!  She's not there!  Why didn't I buy that beautiful guitar when I found it a month ago!  Then the owner of the shop came up to me saying,

"Want to have some coffee?"

I followed him into the office, where I found the guitar was waiting for me.

"I knew you were going to come back to pick it up," said the owner.