Rickenbacker 325V59

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John Lennon used to play 4 Rickenbackers in his Beatle years.  Out of the 4 guitars, the one he bought in Germany and the one he was given by the Rickenbacker company on The Beales' first visit to U.S. are the most outstanding.  These 325's had been long out of market before Rickenbacker decided to rebuild repros several years ago.  This guitar is a reissue model of Lennon's first Rickenbacker 325 built in 1958.  The 325V59 reissue was different from John's in many ways.  Well, I could have used it as it was, but I thought I'd like it better if it looked more like the original.  I have done everything I could to modefy it into the Lennon spec.

When I showed the conversion to my wife, she said "Well, I would notice the differences if you painted it pink."  Should I ever...

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